Let's make them bake a cake for once

As the homosexual community erupts in flames over Indiana’s religious freedom law, and sanctimonious businesses threaten to pull out of Indiana(I suggest they go to California and enjoy the much more business friendly environment out there) I can’t help but wonder if Governor Mike Pence will hold the line or if he will cave. I lean toward caving. Just a feeling I get.

Never the less, this religious freedom law is still another example of our side on defense. This morning listening to the talking heads on “Meet the Press” bloviating about how bad it was, and comparing Indiana to the Jim Crow South, I wondered why don’t we take the fight to them for change. In other words, let’s force them “to bake a cake.” What I mean by that is to start confronting them on their own turf. For example, let’s show up to Pride Fest and pass out Bibles and preach the word of the Lord through a bullhorn.  And maybe, we can find a gay baker and force him to bake a cake in celebration of Billy Graham’s birthday.
All of us know how well that would be received and the tolerance they would express for our cause. But we should not let that stop us. I think if we want to win this monumental war we find ourselves on the losing side of, we are going to have to be a little more proactive and not reactive.

Again, we all know this, but I want to drive the point home. The left attacks us this way because they know it shocks us and they know that we would never do that to them. We justify our inaction by telling ourselves we are too good for that and we don’t want to stoop to their level, blah blah blah!

I know I am also repeating myself on this point as well, but the best part of the government shutdown was that finally we messed with the liberals’ “stuff” and as always, we see it is different story when that happens. Just like when we mess with their freedom of speech, which we all know means their right to get in people’s faces and offend their sense of peace. Since the passing of Andrew Breitbart, I have not seen any examples of where we have done that. So, I will make this short and sweet. We need to get in their faces, threaten their freedom, make them care, and force them “to bake a cake.”