Don't fall for the Donny Deutsch trick

I’ve seen this too many times, people getting ecstatic when a guy like Donny Deutsch appears to be seeing the light. As Republicans we have this fantasy that we will convert Libs to our way of thinking. Unfortunately, that never happens. It seems like it should , but it never does. Anyway, as I mention in the title, don’t fall for this trick, and don’t do it for following reasons.

  • Notice that Deutsch is advocating for Romney and claiming that he was right. I would put a lot more stock in what he says if he thought that [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] was right about the government shut down. Basically, Deutsch is wanting and hoping a guy like Romney will run in 2016 against Hillary because he thinks she can crush him.
  • Libs should not have any credibility at this point. Everything that comes out of their mouth should be suspect. We have been burned every time we listen to them.

Our problem as Republicans and Conservatives is that we want to be liked by Libs, and we will look for any excuse to ally ourselves with the other side. I think this is the biggest problem with the Establishment. So it is only natural to feel elated when someone from the other side comes out in quasi support for our beliefs.

If Libs like Deutsch have truly seen the light, then they are going to have to do something more drastic then throwing around a bad comment about Obama here and there. Let’s see them work openly for the Republican Candidate in 2016  and conservative values overall..

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