Ben Shapiro

I bought this yesterday on Amazon. It is a short easy read and full of great tips on how to respond and defeat liberals. I highly recommend it for all of us here on Redstate. It is to be read over and over. His rule# 10 struck me as very interesting and one which I think should be mastered.

Rule#10:  Let the other side have meaningless victories. That means cede them a meaningless point to soften them up and show that you are not a right a winger.

Ok here is my example of #10 in action.

Two weeks ago I was at a family reunion sitting in the kitchen with the family while my wife and sister in law were cooking. I wanted to help but it was a small kitchen and my relatives made it clear I would be in the way. Also in the kitchen was my dear and very liberal Aunt Polly, who said this to me:

Plumely, you are not helping with dinner… is it because you feel it is woman’s work.”

My response: Aunt Polly*tsk tsk* What a faulty premise that is, wouldn’t you agree?

She replied yes that it was. I then added, “That is why I am not going to take that bait.”

Needless to say Aunt Polly did not try that again. So, in my own way I gave her the satisfaction of acknowledging she was making an implied valid point ” Cooking is not a woman’s work.” Then I made the point that since it was so faulty, it isn’t a topic even worth discussing and I would be a fool to do so. I bring this up because that is what we need to be doing at this point when we find ourselves in these kinds of discussions with lefties. We need to shut them down on the spot.

I am guilty of this myself, but as Shapiro points out as well, we fall into the trap of thinking we can make something such as an insult, a teachable moment or an opportunity to share our conservative philosophy. Right now it is not possible to do so since we do not have the bully pulpit.

So, again, these are my own takeaways from this nice little tome. I will read  it a couple of times more to practice some of the techniques.