How do you feel about "Gay Marriage"?

It’s tough out there to be a garden variety Christian Republican. You don’t even have to be a Tea Party person to be branded a bigot. It’s real easy to haplessly find yourself in a discussion with a liberal where you are trying to be reasonable and maybe trying to exchange ideas. Sadly though, the one you are conversing with does not want to do that. They only want to have a conversation with you if you agree with them. If not, then they want to insult you.

So, lets to take the issue of “Gay Marriage”.  Right now it is “Sacred Cow #1” with liberals. You can’t  reason with them or bargain with them on the subject. You try to split the difference with them and propose something like civil unions as a solution that will make everyone happy, but no dice.

They want it all and they are here to take and give nothing in return. No matter how profound you try to be on the topic, they will brand you  a homophobe if you do not kiss their ring with a glowing endorsement of Homosexuality.

As always, I am here to give you pointers on how to respond effectively to this issue and others. I will start by saying that I am personally done discussing the topic. If someone knows I am conservative, it is usually a set up to get sucker-punched. With that in mind here is how you can reply to someone when they ask, “How do you feel about Gay Marriage?”

Your response: “Ask me how I feel about people disrespecting others whose opinions differ from their own.”

Now they might reply in two ways. If they then retort, “I don’t know what you mean.”

You then counter with, “Well, get back to me when you do.”

Or, if they double down and say, “No, I want to here your thoughts on “Gay Marriage.”

You retort, “I don’t need to answer questions that are litmus tests designed to determine my credibility on the subject or my eligibility to be your friend.”

That’s a fancy way of saying it’s really none of your business and if you prefer that, then I would go with that. The key here is to not explain yourself or defend your beliefs. So you shut down the discussion because you know it is not worth having and there is nothing new to learn. I hope some of you find this helpful. If others do not, I am sure you will let me know.