A Plumely crackpot crazy idea

It would have been nice to have primaried  ole Mitch.  But for some or many reasons it did not work out that way. Boy I would just love to send Mcconnell a message by turning his own Machiavellian tactics on him by causing him to lose the general. We all know it’s what he and others in his position would do. But after some reflection, that’s not what I am going to do. It’s not how winners act. And right now folks we need to act like winners and be winners. So here is how we proceed.

Let us all do what we can to make sure we take the Senate. Let’s not just hold our nose and vote, but do it with all our Tea Party might and turn Congress red. And let’s get it on record that it was the Tea Party that helped the likes of Mitch McConnell win in November. This does two things.

1. A win will [email protected]#$ off all of our snot nose lib neighbors and colleagues who are in need of a major shellacking. That will be good for our morale. It will be even better if they credit the Tea Party for the victory and hate us even more. It’s what we want.

2. I would also love it if the Dems equated Mitch with the Tea Party as well since he hates us so much.

Ok, Now for phase two of this simple plan. It is clear to me that the Tea Party has a lot of work to do locally. On Redstate there is a man who beats the drum constantly for all of us conservatives to get involved locally. I myself am planning on becoming a precinct committeeman for my district.  Along with that, here is my addition to Cold Warrior’s mantra: every little office, whether it is alderman right down to dog catcher counts. We need conservatives in all of those positions. They would be easy to fill because no one really pays attention to them. Now you ask why are these important? Because every little way we can influence policy conservatively helps condition people to freedom. Example, If I am on my town council, I can push to get  some regulation lifted and restore just that much more freedom for people in my town. And push for another and then another. Brick by brick we will make a difference.

The Tea Party is already doing very well in this area by getting governors elected, I think local politics is our future.

So in summation, let’s A. get our clowns nationally elected so we can stick it to the Dems. B. Focus serious attention on conservative local politics.

So that is my plan for moving forward. Sound like a good one? Or is it just another manure sandwich without the bread? Sound off. Let’s stop whining and talk solutions!