What I wish Tony Blair had said to David Gregory on Meet The Press

For your reading pleasure I have copied and pasted David Gregory’s question and Tony Blair’s response.

“Isn’t the legacy of your leadership and that of President Bush in part responsible for the reality today?” Gregory asked. “Did the west fail to deal with the extremism you talk about today appropriately in Afghanistan in a sustainable way?” David Gregory

“I think we did,” Blair said. “But I think we’ve got to recognize something very, very seriously. This is a long battle… This ideology is not going to be defeated by an engagement in Afghanistan, in Iraq, or even in these individual arenas. It’s going to be defeated over a long period of time.” Tony Blair

Ok, I think this is what Tony Blair’s response should have been:

Is that a question you are asking of me or is that your foregone conclusion?

This diary is not about Tony Blair per se, it is about us as Republicans. David Gregory is a twerp. Even his own network thinks so. At the very least we should be calling out his bias. I understand Tony is not one of ours but we should not even be answering a question like that. Nor should we even entertain a premise like that.

People like David Gregory only exist in the media to make people they do not agree with look bad. Our candidates should go on that show ready to discredit him and others by pointing out their bias. That is the only way we can fight these guys. Go on the attack.