God's Not Dead

I got the opportunity to see this movie yesterday and yes it is simplistic in its presentation and I think the creators are proud of that fact. In fact, there is even allusion to that notion in the movie as exemplified in a scene where the main character gets a text from the pastor he is seeking counsel from about how the student does not need to be clever in making his case about the existence of God; he just needs to be sincere and clear. This movie is just that.

The meat of the story deals with a college student who is in a philosophy class, where on the first day, the professor has his students state on a sheet of paper that God is dead.

This student refuses to do it and thus angers the professor. The professor then threatens to fail the student unless he is able to make the case for the existence of God. Mixed  into this story line, are a bunch of subplots about people who have lost their way and eventually turn to God for guidance.

As I said this movie is simplistic, but I found it highly entertaining and thought provoking.  However, I must plead guilty to liking it for the mere fact that it sticks a thumb in the liberal’s eye and finally turns the tables on them, in that it portrays them as the evil ones as opposed to Christians and conservatives. So, to amuse all of you I thought I would copy and paste a comment from an angry and offended IMDB reviewer, who for the sake of fun let’s assume is liberal.

1st) Every character in this movie that was not Christian was either portrayed as an idiot (the reporter), a terrible person (the boyfriend), an abusive father (the Muslim), or a God hater (the atheist professor).

2nd) The atheists professor was apparently only atheist because he was hurt over his mothers death and blamed God. While I will admit this is probably the case for some atheists it is not the majority. Further, being atheist does not mean you hate Christianity or would ever require students to sign an agreement that “God is dead.” Not to mention this character is hit by a car at which point the Pastor in the movie runs to him telling him this is his last chance to accept Jesus as his lord and Savior.

3rd) the LONE Muslim man in the movie is a control freak dad who ends up slapping around his daughter when he finds out she is listening to the bible on tape. I know plenty of Muslims that are very accepting people and this portrayal only enforces stereotypes that are often wildly inaccurate.

4th) The movie makes a point that without God nothing matters and you can’t have morals and everything is permissible. It further implies that without God there is no way to have hope in life. This notion is extremely ignorant and one that any logical Christian would reject.

5th) The movie ends with a list of court cases proclaiming them as examples of this type of situation, but fails to give any detailed information. I expect that upon further investigation of these cases I will find them to be very very different. I will write in later once i research them.

I guess I would like to respond to this reviewer this way. How does it feel to have your belief system trashed in the movies and you portrayed as a jerk? It happens to us all the time.