Cliven Bundy

I am riffing off another poster and friend because he made some good points. Before we go any further, contrary to what some might think, I did not approve of all the things Cliven Bundy did. Most of all he should never have threatened a range war with the Federal Government. That not only put him in danger, but it put his family and those around him in danger as well. This may also sound strange, but I do commend the BLM and the Government in the 11th hour for making the right decision to pull back.  With that aside, I think this event uncovered and highlighted some things that we need to start asking ourselves to make sure this does not happen in the future.

  • What is the reason for the Government owning 82 percent of the land in Nevada? I understand the need for military installations but I feel  they could get by with about 50%. I am just curious to know why they need the lion’s share of space out there. They owe us an honest explanation especially if it effects the livelihoods of U.S. citizens and they are not allowing us to use it. Furthermore, we should be demanding they release some of this land for private use or turn it into public green space(I would prefer private ownership)


  • What is the reason for agencies such as the BLM needing to be heavily armed?  The way I see it, these people are park rangers. They would only need   a rifle or shotgun and a pistol. They definitely don’t need an elite special ops unit complete with snipers. Trust me, I get the need for law enforcement agencies to have some of these capabilities, but not every Tom Dick and Harry government agency.


  • Harry Reid is a scumbag. His fingerprints were all over this and his indirect actions through his son could have caused a lot of bloodshed. Nevada he needs to go. Or, he needs to be investigated. See Newsmax story Reports: Company Tied to Reid’s Son Wants Land in Bundy Stand Off.


Again, I was not jumping for joy to see armed militias at the Bundy Ranch and I never want to see this again. NOT IN THIS COUNTRY.