If not Rand Paul then let's really really work our butts off for Ted Cruz

Since I have been on Redstate, I ‘ve seen a lot of hate for Rand Paul. I have touted his merits in the past and will not do so now, I know my audience. Well ok, I will accept all of your judgement that he is not the one. If not him then let us really really work our butts off for Ted Cruz. I’m thinking that we really need this guy as our candidate. And I say this knowing that there is no guarantee that he will beat Hillary. But I know he will do the best and sincere job of fighting against her and articulating conservatism and our wishes.

Right now, that is what we really need. Someone to make the case for conservatism and limited government and who is not afraid to point out the other side’s negatives. So, let me make this one short and sweet. It’s Ted Cruz or bust! I will work hard for whoever our candidate is, but Ted Cruz is the gold standard.