As of lately I am finding atheists to be very toxic and angry people.  Most likely they went to Catholic school, or have not recovered from their parents forcing them to dress nicely and go to church, or Sunday School every Sunday. Instead of reflecting back on their experience and finding value in it, they feel God was shoved down their throats and are resentful.

They would have you believe that they are atheists because they don’t believe in God; but what they really are, is God haters. However, they’re not content with hating God themselves, they want everyone else to hate him as well. Basically, they are no different from any other type of liberal.

I take more offense at atheists because they are attacking something that is so special and sacred to me, my Christian Faith.  As always I am here to give pointers on how to respond to these people in your everyday life. So  here are some responses to  someone when they smugly announce to you that they are an atheist, or, are ranting against Christianity on Facebook or Twitter. (Remember that attempting to have a meaningful discussion with them is pointless. You will end up being insulted)


1. While atheism might appeal to you, I just find it necessary to aim higher in life.


2. I will be thinking loving thoughts about you and for you while I am in Heaven and you are enjoying your dirt nap.

3.  I find comfort and guidance in my Christian Faith, what do you get out of being an Atheist?


4. Name me three atheists that have had a positive effect on society.,,, I can count and name numerous ones who have not.


5. If your atheism is your reaction to having God and religion shoved down your throat, why do you insist on imposing your views on Christians when you didn’t like it when it was done to you?


Hope this helps. Happy Monday!