Paul Ryan a Racist?

Paul Ryan is now a racist for making a point about joblessness in black communities. Before that it was Bobby Jindal. I am not a fan of either of those guys but I think regardless we had better stand up for these people and fight back. Maybe George Will can roll his eyes and dismiss these leftists but we can’t. This is only going to get worse and you know they cannot wait to level that charge at our next presidential candidate despite whatever credentials he/she has or the color of his/her skin. So we need to fight back. And I mean “we” you and I. I have been called a racist or have been told that what I have said numerous times could be construed as racist and I am sick of it.

So, let’s stop accepting that premise and respond with this short and concise zinger when ever someone puts a meme  on Facebook with another out of context quote from one of our’s in order to slander them. In my best George Takeii impersonation.


Oh my you silly silly liberals are again demonstrating how good you are at taking statements out of context to support your daft conclusions  you already had about this man/women which most likely came from ignorance.”

If you don’t like that one feel free to comment with your own. Have a great Tuesday all.