"We need a positive message"

We have heard that numerous times. “The Republicans better be prepared to present their own positive agenda.” “The republicans better have their own alternative to Obamacare.” We hear it from the Democrats and we hear it from our own side, most recently, good ole Newt Gingrich at CPAC.

On paper it makes sense and it seems reasonable. You persuade people with a positive message. You persuade people by offering up positive solutions. And you let the other guy’s poor record speak for itself. Again, all of that sounds great and it sounds very insightful. But it’s a trap and a bad idea.

1. If all you do is put up your own message, the other side will throw darts at it and demonize it. All they have to do is lie about it over and over. And now you are stuck wasting time defending your positive agenda, while the other side gets a pass on their poor performance record because the voting public is now distracted.

2. Effective sales is comparison and contrast. If you are selling vacuum cleaner B, part of your pitch is to explain why vacuum cleaner B is better than vacuum cleaner A. You do that by pointing out A’s negatives in the form of bad reviews, statistics and other things. You don’t just assume people will see how bad Vacuum cleaner A is on their own, because you know,  and can assume, Vacuum Cleaner A has a Sales Team who are out there knocking your product and making a case as to why theirs is better. This is true in regard to the last two elections.

The Dems did an excellent job of knocking our candidates. In both cases their slogans were McCain Stinks. Romney stinks, plus he hates women. Added to that, Our agenda is great and the only thing stopping it is Bush and the Tea Party, who stink and hate women. If you noticed in 2012, Obama came out with the exact same agenda he had in his previous term, except he planned to do more. By then, no one questioned it because they were sold on how stinky we Republicans all were, which leads to point three.

3. Our silence on our opponent’s poor record is our endorsement of it. If you strongly disagree with something, you should always go on record as saying so so people understand that you are opposed to it.

Not having our own plan is no excuse for not standing for what is right and principled. Obamacare is wrong and a failure. Several people, including those who drafted it have said so. It needs to go. Once we clear the path of this debris, we can see clearer the road ahead to the right solution.

Let’s  finally look at the Democrat’s opposition to the war in Iraq. I heard no one offer any other alternative to rooting out terrorism, did you? Or, how about their opposition to Guantanamo? No one suggested a better spot for the prisoners. In fact they were all for just letting them go and were concerned about their treatment.

Let’s stop taking advice from the other side. All they want to do is distract people from their own inadequate job of governing.