On uniting with the moderates.

I am thinking a lot about what Thomas Sowell said about how if we do not unite with each other in the Republican Party we will go the same way of those who opposed the Nazis. According to Sowell and history, the opposition to the Nazis was wiped out because they were fighting with each other and thusly divided and conquered.

These next points are a syntheses of comments I have read from other posters. Based on the situation we have now, I conclude we have a much different situation, and one that is worse than us infighting with each other.

Our problem is that we have one faction of our party who will not fight the enemy. They are not reliable allies. I would compare them to the ARVN in Vietnam( just an example, I know there were some brave fighters in that group) The image of the ARVN soldier was one whose heart was not into the cause.

It’s what we have in the likes of all our great establishment leaders. At the very most they are reluctant warriors. We saw this in the two candidates in the last two elections. We practically had to pick them up by the britches and throw them back into the ring.

As for 2016 here is the situation. We have the RNC who is so scared of Hillary that they are have already decided to lay off certain subjects lest they be branded hate mongers. I am not convinced they will even bring up Benghazi.

I can’t unite with people who will desert when things start to get heavy. I have been fooled too many times by them. I want fighters on my side, not cowards and back stabbers.

So Thomas Sowell, I respect you and I think you are a good thinker, but I will unite with Ted Cruz thank you very much.