Establishment Campaign Slogans

Ok here is a little satire for Wednesday morning. Hopefully it amuses and educates. And I also hope the right people will read this and feel severely mocked.

It’s painfully obvious the RNC and their high priced consultants are going to pull the same crap they did in the last two elections. They won’t take the election seriously. They won’t go on the attack. They won’t defend our candidate. They will fight harder in the primary against the likes of Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul then they will Hillary. We all know the drill. So, with that said, why even pretend they are conservative?  Maybe they should have campaign slogans like these.

  • Jeb Bush: Making government efficient and friendly again.


  • Paul Ryan: He’ll tell you if you can’t keep your doctor.


  • Chris Christie: He’ll kick Rand Paul’s [email protected]#4 sideways and give Hillary a bear hug.


  • Marco Rubio: Amnesty you can count on.


  • Peter King: I like women too!


Feel free to add your own because that is what this thread is all about. Let’s have some fun. Seriously, it is time to mock and ridicule these idiots.