The WaterCooler~ We are suppose to be nice to Hillary in 2016

Well well well! These guys never learn. This according to Rush: Rove and the RNC have told us we are supposed to be nice to Hillary Clinton in 2016. We are not allowed to bring up anything farther back then Benghazi. And I am not so sure that is going to going to be allowed either. It’s the same old Jazz. We are to   run a positive campaign while our opponents muckrake and then hand us our lunch.

I am so frustrated with this consultant class my eyes are bleeding. They are just asking for it again. You can sure bet they will be merciless with the likes of Rand Paul or Cruz. Remember all of the opposition research from Ted Cruz’s Republican colleagues that Chris Wallace received prior to Sen. Cruz’s appearance? We need to make it very clear to the establishment that we will not tolerate this BS(Baloney Sandwich)  As always, the Water Cooler is an open thread.