Be in the moment.

I have found in my own experience that I get respect when I just stand up and make myself heard. I don’t plan what I am going to say, I just say it. In other words I am in the moment. Liberals are always in the moment. They have no fear of what people think of them and they are not afraid to fail. They also take small victories when they can get them and press on with whatever their agenda is.

This morning I was sitting at my computer reading Erick’s diary “Impeach the President”. What interested me was the common thread throughout most of the comments which was, why are we surprised that the media is biased? It maybe just me but there is a tone of resignation in that remark.  “No shock the media is biased, but what can we do?” I hear a variation of that all the time.

As a result, we sit around and get madder and madder at what MSNBC hosts doe and say. But we never strike back because we are constantly thinking about the repercussions. We kid ourselves with sayings I know I have stated before. Here are a few:

Why if we responded, we would be giving them exactly what they wanted.

Or, my favorite, “you never argue with people who can buy ink by the barrelful.”

Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that we are better than these people by taking the high road. Or that we are teaching them some grand lesson. Or that we are winning by doing nothing.

I have found that I gain the most respect when I say what is on my mind and just be in the moment. Once you stand up to someone and not worry about losing, they back off.

It is the reason why I loved the Govt. Shutdown. It was the one time where we were in the moment and did something crazy. And you know what? It scared the pants off of the other side.

Right now, this is where we are with our situation. We can’t strategize this thing anymore. We can’t reason with these people. We have tried to be nice but that didn’t work either. These people hate us. And they hate us more because we won’t fight back. That makes them angrier and more aggressive. We need to start swinging!

I will give another example from Facebook. I was having discussion with a friend on Facebook about politics. The friend is liberal. I gave him an adroit example to illustrate a point. And he responded with invectives. Instead of trying to reason with him further, I just blasted him with one well placed zinger. That caused others to join in and pile on because one person had the courage to let it rip. Needless to say I have unfriended him.

Let’s stop shaking our heads and saying their will be a better day to fight. Let’s do it now because this our moment. And let’s take scalps people.