Rand Paul endorsing Mitch McConnell

We all know that Senator Rand Paul has endorsed Mitch McConnell.  In the latest from a Newsmax article, he is quoted as saying, “McConnell is not the problem, Democrats are.” Now while I only agree with the last part of that statement, I am not one of those people who is ready to throw him over board.

Half of this diary is a valentine to the man because every time I hear him interviewed I am sold. The reason I am sold is because he articulates policy in a way that I can understand and communicate to others. This to me is leadership and it speaks to my strategic philosophy which states, and yes I have mentioned it before,

A good plan is one that can be easily articulated to those who have to implement it.

Senator Paul can articulate his plan for this country very well. And the ones I have heard are things I can get behind. Again, this is a leader in my book. His solutions all center around small government and he has definitely shown that he is a steward of the Constitution and civil liberties. Now with all this said, I do not let him completely off the hook.

In the past there have been Republican champions that have surfaced. Ironically, the biggest one that comes to mind is Chris Christie. He burst onto the scene a couple of years ago swinging and taking scalps when it came to fighting unions. A lot of us thought he was the one. But when we asked him to run, he demurred.

So, what I am getting at here is that one of the characteristics of a good candidate is one that will answer the call when his supporters need him or her the most and they will go where needed.  Has Rand Paul done that? I can’t say so for sure and that would be the only deal breaker for me with him.

In the months to come that is what I am going to be watching for in. Will he pull the trigger and announce, or will he continue to be coy?

My hope is that Senator Paul will step up soon. If not, we will move on to the others.