Rand Paul

Everytime I see Rand Paul on TV, I pratically yell at it, begging him to announce his desire to run in 2016. There are many reasons for this, but right now the prevailing one is his plan to save Detroit. Like all of his other solutions, it is all private sector oriented. I think for the longest time we have been searching for another Ronald Reagan and to me Senator Paul comes the closest to being him without being a carbon copy.

Rand Paul is also our bridge that will connect our party with the young people and I see him picking off sensible Democrats with his emphasis on Constituional rights. Plus, he seems like a decent guy.

And let me expound a little more on that point. I am really tired of having a snarky arrogant SOB in the Whitehouse. Unfortunately I saw Mr. Obama live and was not impressed. His true character was revealed. Basically, his attitude was, I am too important, too smart to even be here addressing you. That night he embodied the phrase “phoning it in.”

I just do not get any sense of that with Rand. I see a nice, caring, and calm individual who takes the time to explain his position to all. Sorry to gush, but I truly want this man as our next president. I think if that were to happen you would  get true hope and change in the form of capitalism.