GOP: No healthcare plan of their own.

This weekend as I watched John Kerry talk about the deal with Iran, he touted the same defense for the deal the Democrats are using for Obamacare: “If you don’t like it, come up with a better plan.”

This is cousin to “Where’s your plan?” When I hear this it drives me mad. They have a lot of nerve putting forth bad policy that they knew was going to fail and saying we did this because you didn’t have a better plan, or “we had to do something.” Personally, I feel this whole healthcare crisis was fabricated. The few problems that existed could have been fixed fairly easily and didn’t require seizing 6th percent of the economy and forcing people at gunpoint to buy something they didn’t need or want. Quite frankly, what we had was a lot better than that and what we would propose would be ten times better than that. With all of this said, here is my point for today.

I think if the GOP is smart they will not fall for the obvious trap that is being set for them in making them come up with a plan of their own. As others have said, if they do, the Democrats are just going to shoot arrows at it. Obama will  also crumple it up and throw it in his presidential wastebasket. What else will happen is that it will take the focus off how bad Obamacare is. Although I said this is smart thinking by GOP to not voice a plan, here is even smarter thinking.

The GOP should be calling them out by saying this: “We will come up with a plan as soon as you can own this one and admit that it was worst piece of legislation ever written, in otherwords, admit you screwed up.”

The point being is that trying to come up with another plan is useless if the other side can’t admit that their’s  is failing. In order to move forward, one has to accept they were wrong or admit they have a problem. The Democrats can’t do that. They can’t admit a lot of things. Namely, that they elected twice, a president who is unfit for command,because he is ethically challenged and has no leadership ability.

The Republicans are also getting accused of being obstructionists.  Right now that is their job. They need to be the ones who are putting their bodies in front of the bulldozers that are here to demolish everything we as Americans hold dear. And besides, why should they work with those who are continuing to lie to them and us? I personally don’t want them even saying hi to the otherside in the hallways of Congress. Unfortunately I think they do. And I think a lot of Republicans are not tuned in to how serious this has all become.

So, these are my thoughts on this Tuesday afternoon of November 26th, 2013.