Standing up to liberals

I am continuing on with my series about how to effectively deal with liberals.  This is a companion post to the one I posted yesterday in that it deals with what to do when you are unprepared or caught off guard by a loud mouth Democrat.

As I stated yesterday, in a lot of cases you are not always going to be equipped to have a debate with liberals for many reasons. Let’s confront these reasons.


We all want to be liked and a lot of times these loud mouths are our supposed friends. Even though they tick us off with some of their obnoxious opinions, they are nice in other ways. So we have developed  a set of coping skills that enable us to go along to get along. One of those is keeping quiet(I know I have covered this before but it is worth repeating)

Lack of confidence:

Let’s face it, libs can be cool and hip people in all aspects of life. It is a very seductive thing to be accepted and taken in by these people. The problem is when you are around them you develop an inferiority complex. As a result, you don’t think you are able to go toe to toe with them in a political debate. Be it they speak better than you they are better read than you etc.

Shock and Frusteration

Liberals for the most part are very outspoken. They have mastered the art of speaking their mind. You couple this with a disregard for anyone else’s feelings and you have a lethal mixture on your hands. As a result, they say things that leave you shocked, angry and with a frozen tongue.


Take Obamacare. Everyday evidence is coming out that proves what a bad law this is. But despite that, you have liberals still unwilling to take responsibility for it and admit their mistake. They are still more than happy to tell lie after lie in an attempt to try and spin the results of this monstrosity. No matter what facts you put in front of them, they will never turn on their president and they will never renounce his policies. As a result, you become tired and beaten down as you try to convince and educate them.

Here is why you need to respond despite all these reservations. At some point you are going to have to cut bait and decide what it is you are getting out of your association with liberals. So, these are some questions you need to ask yourself in regard to your association with this ilk.

Why do I really like this person or these people?

If you like this person because you think they are cool, what are you doing to ingratiate yourself with them? Chances are you are watering yourself down so as not to offend, and you are sometimes trying to immitate them. What is really going on is that these people are bringing out the worst in you.

Would this person or these people feel differently about me if they knew I was a conservative?

Do they know you are a conservative? Do you think they care about offending you? You obviously care about offending them. Why? Answer, you want to be liked.

What do I gain by being silent around this person or these people?

In other words, what is the return on your investment in the friendship? Are you learning anything from this person or  these people you are associating with? Most likely you are learning to duck and keep your mouth shut.


With these questions in mind let’s formulate some responses that will help you stand up to liberals.

Why do I really like this person or these  people?

Response: In most cases I find you entertaining. Not so much when you talk about politics. (say this as smugly as you can and leave it at that)  Whatever their response is, you ask them if it would be possible to excercise restraint and maybe keep your opinions to yourself in my company? Our friendship would be a lot healthier if you would and I think we would benefit more discussing what we have in common. What you have done here is reframe the friendship and it is up to them to decide whether or not this is acceptable for them. If not, be prepared to walk way.


Would this person or these people respect or feel differently about me if they knew I was a conservative?

Response: You may not know this but I happen to be a conservative, how do you like me now? Very simple, you have put it out there that you are a conservative and they now have to deal with it. Their response will determine whether or not you should continue the friendship or association.

What do I gain from being around these people?

Response Right now, I am trying to ascertain what I am gaining and what value to place on your opinions and your comments, so far I am coming up with snake eyes. You have just flat out told them what you think of their political veiws. You can then just leave it at that since you have sucker punched them.

We have all been fooled mostly by liberals into thinking that you have to listen to their opinions under the guise of broadening your horizons and expanding your mind. This is false. All you do when you put up with their pap is either internalize it or get angry and stew over it. Remember this: They have nothing new to add to the discussion. Everything they say is either a cliche or talking points. They feel the same way about your opinion.

As a result, you have nothing to learn from them. With that said, it is important to make it clear you are not interested in what they have to say in regard to politics. These responses help you stand up and “alpha up” on liberals when you don’t want to debate them.