Never be silent

Most of my posts are on how to go on the attack in a political discussion with a liberal. However, sometimes it is just not possible for a number of reasons. So, with that said, here are a few verbal judo techniques you can use to get your two cents in regardless. The following are questions you can ask a loud mouth liberal.

  • Do you care to sum up all of your points into a simple and concise statement?



  • How did you arrive at this point of view? Was there something that happened in your life that may have triggered it?


  • Are you interested in hearing a different point of view or would you rather go unchallenged?


  • How does everyone else in the room feel about what Dick/Jane is saying. Anyone care to expound on that opinion or refine it?


  • How do you reconcile with facts that contradict your opinion?


I have tried and tested these in a situation and it shuts down the debate very quickly. The reason being, that people like this want to speak in a forum where there is no structure and the minute you provide some, it ceases to be fun for them.