What's our plan Conservatives?

I will first begin by stating another one of plumely’s rules for political war.


Plumely’s Rule for Political War # 5 The best strategies are ones that can be easily articulated to those who have to implement them.


Right now one of the liberals” attack they use when trying to duck all the facts and figures that prove Obamacare to be the worst and most damaging piece of legislation to come down the pike, they respond with. “well what’s your plan?”


Again, keeping Plumely’s rule in mind, here is your response:

A. First let me say you have some set of stones blaming us for the colossal turd you forced down the American people’s throats.

B. Our plan is to make you continue to own this farce.

C, Then we are going to give you the worst spanking in 2014 and make sure you can never get a job cleaning the halls of government.

D. Then we will repeal this monstrosity called Obamacare.

E. Then once it is repealed, we will apply free market solutions and plans that were intitailly proposed that Harry Reid and his ilk ignored.

Refine that at will but that is the template of your response. With that in mind here is our simple plan for how we can achieve a victory in 2016. Again, refer to Plumely’s rule.

A. we will fight like hell to get the conservative of our choice on the ballot for the general election.

B. We will back whoever the candidate is and fight like hell to get them elected.(conservatives of who I am one of… I feel your frusteration but we need all hands on deck.)

C. When whoever that person is elected, we will ride their butts from day one and demand conservatism and limited government.

Those are the plans so let’s march forward.