Rule #1 from the Rules for Patriots

Before I begin, let me state that these are not the same Rules for Patriots being circulated by Matthew Kibbe of Freedomworks. Those are a diffrent set and can be acquired for free from the Freedomworks website. I would urge everyone to take a look at those too. They are more formal and speak more to setting up activist groups. I am getting the ones I share with you from a blog called “tisaboutfreedom.” Google it.  So, with that bit of house keeping out of the way, let’s talk about rule#1


Base everything in truth and on facts, but never expect  the subverted to recognize them as such.

I struggled with this rule. How would we go about implementing it? It almost sounds like we have to be walking encyclopedias armed with facts, ready to assail anything a Liberal says. But, after thinking about this one, I do not think this is necessarily so.

While it is good to be knowledgeable and I think many of us on Redstate are( I count myself as the exception to that rule) I think you only need to equip yourself with some facts that contradict popular notions Liberals have about certain things. So here a few.

The KKK was created by Democrats.

Nazis were Socialist and in fact the word Nazi is a contraction of Natioanl Socialist. With this fact comes a subset of facts.

a. they believed in animal rights.

b. gun control

c.nationalization of industry

d. abortion

Republicans ended slavery

Lincoln was a Republican and is a president Barack Obama likes to model himself after.

The Tea Party had Democrats who were just as angry at being over taxed as Republicans.

Make it a goal to sprinkle these into a political discussion with a Liberal whenever you can. All that is important is getting them out there and don’t look for style points.