The Water Cooler~ A few things to remember about Liberals.

I am a Christian first and a Conservative second. A liberal is a liberal period. That is their religion. Whereas I devote my life and center it around serving God, theirs is completely focused on serving the cause of Liberalism. To them Liberalism/ Socialism/Marxism is the path to enlightenment and nothing else matters. As a result, they can be rascist, sexist, vulgar and violent as long as what they are doing advances the cause of Liberalism.

I understand I am not telling you anything you don’t already know. But, I think it is good to remind ourselves who these peopole are. Like I said ealier, we answer to God as Christians. They answer only to themselves and never take responsibility for the harm they cause others. I am doing a series on  the Rules for Patriots for the very reasons I have stated above. As always, the Water Cooler is an open thread.