Rule # 4 from the Rules for Patriots

There is a document being circulated called “Rules for Patriots’ that is a version of Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals”. What I plan to do is a series of diaries breaking down all of the rules and showing how these rules can be applied to our everyday lives. In this segment we will talk about Rule# 4

Rule #4

Never defend. Let your position be known through your attacks, not your defense. Freedom is always the better alternative. We are in an ideological and spiritual war — a battle for the soul of America, freedom. Do not hold back. Attack with the Constitution.

This takes quite a bit of practice and can be hard to implement if you are at a party with liberals who you call your friends. So, what I will do is give two examples of how to attack when you are with someone else of like mind and when you are alone.

Scenario #1  You and your wife are with a group of friends who are liberal and they start talking politics and as always start trashing Republicans.

Tactic:  You sit and listen with a smile on your face and when there is a lull in the conversation, you turn to your spouse and say something like, “Hey hon did you here that even Jon Stewert is having a hard time defending the merits of Obamacare. His words were ‘even the Whitehouse can’t spin this turd.'” You continue to play off each other and just filibuster for a few minutes getting all  of your shots in about the President and Democrats like your friends aren’t even there. What will happen is that they will get so mad or excited they  and will jump into the conversation and start arguing with you. You then will start rolling out facts on them. Then if you can, lead them to common ground.(invoke the Constitution if you can) For example, “You agree that the Obamacare Rollout has been a complete failure no?”  Then if they are obstinent give them more facts. Then ask them “Don’t you think it is just common sense to delay it for a year and rethink this trainwreck?” If they continue to blame, then you tell them that you can’t have an argument with someone who is intellectually dishonest. Then continue talking to your spouse trashing Obama.

What I like about this tactic is that you are not attacking them directly but baiting them into a discussion the same way they have always done to us. Once they take the bait, your goal is to lead them to common ground. In otherwords,  you get them to commit to something and then enlarge it.

The next scenario is a little more direct and it also applies my first two rules of war.

Plumely’s rule of war#1  Fight only one enemy at a time.


Plumely’s rule of war #2 Strike the nerve center.

Scenario: You are with a group of friends and you are the only Conservative in the group. The topic turns to politics. As always Republicans are getting trashed and Bush is getting blamed.


You sit and listen and then pick one person in the conversation that is interesting and follow them in the conversation. Then when there is a lull in the discussion ask the person “When did you became a National Socialist? ” If you don’t like that question come up with your own attack designed to shock and awe. The purpose is to floor everyone else in the room and then continue your attack. Don’t wait for an answer. Start machine gunning them with facts to back up your statement. Ignore the others in the room and just keep attacking that person. At some point in the conversation state, “I really don’t think you are a National Socialist but the position you are espousing could be construed as such.” Then lead them to common ground and get them to commit to a point and enlarge it.

This one is very harsh, but as a Kung Fu instructor once told me, we are not here to hold hands.

As rule#4 states, we are in a war for the spirit and soul of America. Again, I understand the uncomfortable nature of this advice. It requires all of us to leave our securiy zone of being the ones who are dignified and just absorbing the blows. But it is time to stand up and assert our beliefs boldly and dynamically. Confrontation is the only language these people understand and they are the ones who have set the rules not us.