Mental Toughness

Ok loyal Conservatives, because of this shutdown we are being called a lot of things. The most egregious of those things is terrorists. Funny, the liberals who are calling us people with bombs strapped to our chests can never seem to express much outrage over the real suicide bombers who have killed men, women and children in a place like Israel. They put  Dzhokar Tsarnev on the cover of Rollingstone and make him a teen pin up idol, but again we are terrorists for standing up to Obamacare, the biggest assault on our liberty and livlihood.

My point in mentioning these things is  to say that it’s not fair. The bad guys have the upperhand. We know this.  A Fox News Poll came out indicating that the majority of Americans blame us for the shutdown, despite all of the nasty things being done by our Presbo and Harry Reid. The truth is the Obamaites will never give these people up. I have written them off.

As I have mentioned before, I am done with them. It would seem I have nothing more to offer them in regard to wisdom. But there is one last thing to show them.  Mental Toughness.


Mental toughness boils down to how you respond to adversity and stress. Right now we are being bombarded on all sides.  We need to be unwavering So here are few elements I think comprise mental toughness.

Positivity:  Even if it appears that we have lost this thing, we have to know that  on some level going to the mat to get rid of Obamacare in the form of  a Govt. Shutdown was the right thing to do. We need to see the successes we have achieved in the midst of what might appear to be failures. So what are those gains?

a. grudging respect from the otherside. They’re blaming us because they now fear us. The names they are calling us are our badges.

b. the confidence and courage to wage this fight again. Because we went through this shutdown against impossible odds, the next fight will be easier because we will have a much thicker skin.

c. Leverage over our leaders. Speaker Boehner knows his political fate if he folds. If he does cave we should not think twice about primarying him just to let him know that we are willing to walk away from him if he does not do the right thing and hang tough.


The courage to be honest with yourself and others is a big a part of mental toughness. I have said this before, the Govt. Shutdown is something we need to own.

We are responsible for it. Even though Harry Reid and the Great One are the ones who are being inflexible, we knew that was going to happen, so this was our doing. I am comfortable owning this. We did it because Obamacare was so bad and we should know we would do it again. My only regret was that we did not demand from our leaders early on to take credit for it as well.

So, I will speak for myself, I wanted a Govt. shutdown. I wanted a shutdown because I am so afraid of Obamacare that it is worth taking the blame.  Again It  was worth it. Just being honest.


Not being afraid to fail:

Mental toughness is going through with something even though you might fail. If not, you spend a lifetime over analyzing everything you do and never getting off the launch pad.

Again, I will be honest, I would have preferred being in a much better position than we were to take on this fight. But we had to do it now, for a lot of reasons. The best one is to get over our fear of failure. It’s time to stop choosing the easiest battles to fight and take on the tough ones. Why, because there is a possibility that from here on out they are all going to be tough. Some say the Debt Ceiling fight is our biggest chance.

I don’t  know, the specifics so I can only speak in generalities. But, I feel if we didn’t go through with the Defund plan we would have psyched ourselves out of that one. Why? Because we have been too afraid to fail.

I have seen mental toughness on display from all of us here on Redstate. I may not agree with you all but deep down I could not ask for better people to spend time with fighting the good fight. The reason is, you all are not afraid to fail. You put yourselves out there and sometimes get it wrong but most times those who are sincere are spot on.

So, let’s show these clowns what we are made of. Let’s be honest about what we are doing. Let’s be positve that we are doing what is right and that we will be victorious. Let’s not be afraid to lose some battles. Let’s build on our successes. Let’s show these jerks what mental toughness is all about.