Beautiful Losers

I am so sorry to have to write this. I hate critcizing our own side when there is much to criticize about the left. But, it seems that the House is ready to make deal with the President on the Debt Ceiling , which does not address the Obamacare Delay(this according to World Net Daily).

Did I expect this? Yes. Was I hoping that I was wrong? Yes. I guess it is really hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Conventional wisdom tells us that the Republicans are so afraid of getting more blame for the shutdown. They are so worried about what the media will think about them. And they are so worried about their next election. The truth of the matter is that I just think they are great at losing.

To me they devote all of their energy to being losers. They know exactly what to tell themselves to make them feel better about doing it. They can mauever themselves into positions where it is beneficial and worth more to them personally to lose.

Sure, they pick their battles. They know to give just enough redmeat to their states so they get elected again and again. They’ll fight tooth and nail for a lower state tax but not a lower federal income tax. In otherwords, they’re Tea Party at home but they party on down in Washington. I have concluded they always want to be in a position where they can say to all of us,”We just don’t have the votes!”

Well I will stop complaining and try to come up with a soloution. I will say at some point we are going to have to make some really tough decisions and that is all I am going  to say about that.

Plumely’s Rule of War#1 Fight only one enemy at a time. That means we need to stop fighting ourselves while fighting our enemies. It also means we can no longer go to war with the Democrats when the people we ally ourselves with can’t wait to stab us in the back.

So, that means we need to clean house. It means we should go for getting rid of the top dog establishement GOPers first. It is not enough to get rid of a few Rino’s while the Rino Movers and Shakers are still in power. As of right now, I will only mention Mitch McConnel and Graham because Boehner and Cantor have not betrayed us yet. They are about to, but I want to give them a lifeline.  If and when that happens, those in their state need to rise up and do what you can to run them out of office– or, at least inflict as much political damage as possible.

To save the GOP we need to fight them and that means primary them.

The defund push was working. It turned out it actually was a strategy. A very simple one, do something drastic, and hold out long enough to expose and watch the otherside come unhinged. Ironically it contained a lot of elements that people such as the likes of Rove always try to promote. Namely presiding over the Libs self destruction. But at the same time, we got to go on the attack.

Unfortuantely, those who we dragged to this fight kicking and screaming did not have the stomach to go for a true victory. Instead they chose again to be beautiful losers.