We are behaving like children

I was all over Facebook jerking Liberal colors yesterday. It should have been fun but it was frusterating whacking moles. The one thing I encountered was the narrative that Congress was behaving like children. Even though they said Congress, they were referring to House Republicans. Harry Reid got a pass. To me this is an interesting meme,  “Our elected officials are children.”

My question is, if House Republicans are acting like children, what do they need to do to act like adults? Is courage childish? Is standing up for principle childish?

If that is true then Martin Luther King was juvenile. Because as John Stewart puts it, Separate but Equal was @#$^ law. And yes, in 1896 the Supreme Court ruled that to be consitutional.  See  Plessy vs. Ferguson 1896. And yes, the class action suit of Brown vs the Board of Education 1951-54 was a fool’s errand and also childish behavior as well. In that case the children were victorious and Separate but Eqaul, again the @#$% law of the land, was overturned. As a result, it triggered the whole Civil Rights Movement and again, we now have a national holiday for the leader of that “children’s crusade” again, Martin Luther King.

Let’s not leave out DOMA which was also law of the land designed to uphold states’ rights. I guess the proponents of gay marriage taking an all or nothing stance to overturn that law was adult behavior? Using that symbol of two sticks of butter on a red background on their Facebook pages was not a childish tantrum?

It worked. They managed to intimidate the Supreme Court and reduce the judges to the level of the low info women on the View as they bantered on about Gay Marriage.

No compromises were to be made on the issue of Gay Marriage. They wanted the churches to recognize and bless their unions. Civil Unions unacceptable!

The end result, DOMA ruled unconsitutional, over turning at least one state Supreme Court ruling in Minnesota, Baker vs Nelson 1970 that stated it was constitutional to limit marriage to those of the opposite sex– also, throwing out Prop 8 in California. Again, an example of adult behavior, as opposed to our childish conduct when standing up to a bad (Constitutional really?) law that will wreck our economy and is tearing our country apart.

Well, now for some general obseravtions. How about the truly adult behavior of electing our president not once but twice. The adults in both situations covered their ears when we tried to speak the truth about their Dreamy, Teen Magazine Messiah, and went “Nah, Nah, shut up our guy is great no matter what you say, and you’re a poopy pants!” I  understood 2008. But, I am still flummoxed about 2012.

Nancy Pelosi in all of her adult wisdom said we have to “pass Obamacare so we can find out what’s in it?”  Well kids if she is an adult, the lesson here is that sometimes it is best to think about what you say before you shoot your mouth off so as to avoid being a moronic adult.

Right now, the government is shut down. Some government workers are being furloughed. They thought they would get to sit on the sidelines and cheer O Care on while being completely insulated from the pain it is already causing. The operative word  was”thought.”

Instead, they now get to face the adult reality of going without pay for a little while, just like the small unenlightened people in the private sector get to experience for a lot longer. Why is that happening to our little prescious ones in government? Because Obamacare is not a joke!

It is an adult quagmire brought on by a man child who understood nothing about the world and business. With in this quagmire are some very serious little adult problems like rising unemployment, sky high insurance premiums, sub-standard healthcare.

So, what do adults do when their families, livlihood and freedom are being attacked, and no one in Government gives a damn? They stand up and fight like men and women with everything they have.  And oh yes, adults, not children sacrifice, comfort and popularity to do what is right.