What else can I show you?

I apologize if this diary is schizophrenic. My point is to say that we have done everything we can to educate people on how bad Obamacare is, and no one is getting it. Note: this really is for the Lib trolls on here. As for everyone else I am preaching to the choir. Here is a brief list of items to again to prove the point.



Today as I woke up I am hearing about all the problems and glitches people are experiencing with the exchanges. Welcome to Government folks. It will only get worse.


Loss of wages and hours, insurance premiums rising:

Again, we all know this, but libtard trolls seem to not get it. So here it goes again! Obamacare is causing companies to cut people’s hours to avoid the mandate! People’s insurance premium rates are going up! People are losing their jobs in droves because businesses cannot afford ObamaCare. Again nothing new and the minutae pertaining to these events has been well explained, but let me add another point.

People are quick to point out that Ocare insures 30 million Americans who were previously uninsured. They also point out that it covers people with preexisting conditions. So,  while all those people are supposedly going to benefit, all the rest of us who are getting cuts in hours, pay and having to see our premiums go up, I guess we can all just go blank ourselves?


Unions don’t want it.!The IRS doesn’t want it! Congress and its workers don’t want it! Again we all know that. Here is something new. One of the House compromises was to do away with those exemptions. Everyone in Government had to sign up for Obamacare. Harry Reid laughed at that. He is laughing at you and telling you to pucker up butter cup.


So, liberals what else do you need to see. Oh ok let’s go back in history. Your mad about a Government Shut Down. Why couldn’t we just compromise? Who wanted to compromise to get this law passed?


SEIU was having none of it. Just ask Kenneth Gladney in St. Louis who got beat up by union thugs for protesting the law. Kenneth Gladney was the egg they had to break to make the delicious ommlette that is now O care. Sowho else  wanted to compromise?


David Axelrod?

I am paraphrasing but I think I heard him say to all of his minions, “You need to punch back harder on them!” Doesn’t sound like the language of compromise to me. But who else?


Barrack Hussien Obama?

He instructed everyone who supported Obamacare “to bring a knife to a gun fight.” I guess that’s the Chicago way of compromise.


To those furloughed Government workers who are victims of the Govt. Shutdown, keep your eyes on the prize. Your loss of wages is a small price to pay for the wonderful healthcare law all the rest of us are getting. Just remember, your jobs are still waitng for you when this is over, as well as your healthcare coverage which I bet is not O Care. Our’s are gone for good.

So, in closing, I will ask again, what else do you need to see? What can I show you?