The Water Cooler~ Harry Reid

This is just piggybacking on a comment on my previous diary. I asked in my own comment what Harry Reid does for the state of Nevada. Another poster (and let me apologize for killing the messenger) told me in a very detailed and concise comment what he did for the state. With that said, I can see how if you are only concerned about your state you would want to vote for the guy.

His comments about Harry Reid signify one big obstacle we need to overcome, which is that great nugget of political wisdom that”All politics is local.” People need to understand that politics are national and that Democrats are and Rino’s are Jekyll and Mr. Hide when it comes to state versus national.

Somehow our challengers need to show the voters in their states that they are good for the country as well  as the state.  So, be real wary of Democrats in those western states,  or rinos who stand up their dressed like rootin cowboys. They are not Conservatives or conservative Democrats.

As always,  the Watercooler is an open thread.

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