Let it burn

Ok, forget what I said yesterday, I am here to stay and Plumely it is.  As a lot of you pointed out, the name comes with a definite brand. I will do my best to build on it amd make it better. So, moving on.

John Hayward wrote an article for Human Events called Obama Care and the “Let it Burn theory of Socialist collapse.” He does an excellent job of debunking that strategy of sitting back and letting this bad policy implode.

The mesage that I get from this is that people do not fear or respect you if you do not fight against something that is wrong, or if you do not stand up to a bully. Right now this fight is about standing up to a bully– and bullied we have been.

If you remember back in ’09 people were getting beat up by union thugs because they were going to Town Hall meetings to oppose Obamacare. David Axelrod was telling his minions to punch back harder on those that opposed Obamacare. The IRS targetted conservatives and squashed their 1st Ammendment rights to protect Obamacare. To me these are good reasons to fight back and stop with the passive agressive strategies of inaction.

On top of that, did propnents of Obamacare sit back and let it just “shine”? They did not. They fought hard and in some cases broke the law to ram it down our throats. They could not trust us to come around to their way of thinking. Again, they bloodied our noses and intimidated us.

The problem with the Let it burn Strategy is  we are playing one game while the Libs are playing a much simpler one, which is THEIR NOT PLAYING GAMES. No Chess, no checkers, no tidliwinks! They are practicing the real world art of strongarming, lying cheating and stealing. And  as a result, they will not let Obamacare burn. They will not let supporters of Obamacare turn on the beast( Obam’s crowning achievement)

This why we need to keep fighting this head on and not just sit back and hope some people who have failed us many times before to come around to our way of thinking.