The last post about Ted Cruz

We can all thank Ted Cruz for creating the template for which all future candidates courting our votes must follow and they must deliver on that template. This sentiment is not original and has been articulated better by others. What he did goes way beyond trying to stop Obamacare. He just gave us all a voice and for right now the Establishment RNC is finally listening  and know we are no joke.

Ted Cruz showed us all what activism and standing on our principles looks like. I myself will go out and do likewise. With that said this will be my last diary. If the mood strikes me I might make a few comments now and then, but I am eventually retiring the handle of Plumely. There are quite a few reasons but the main one is that it is time to stop hiding behind an internet persona and put my real name out there. If I do post again on redsate I will do it under my real name so you can get to know the real person who wants to fight along side the rest of you.

It’s a tough decision and I am not doing this for sympathy. What Cruz did was so moving and I feel there really is no turning back now as conservatives. If we are truly going to stand behind him, we must do likewise. Damn the torpedos, damn the naysayers, and get out there and fight. God Bless you all. I will not comment on any of this.