The Water Cooler ~ McCain Staffer: My boss [email protected] hates Ted Cruz

said a McCain advisor to GQ’s Jason Zengrele. “He is just offended by his style.” I don’t know about you but I think the moral high ground to be offended by anything is lost when you, a person in a very prominent position lacks the dignity to comport yourself better to the press. Who is this foul mouth scumbag? And why are we paying his salary with our tax dollars? If Senator McCain thinks this kind of talk about a coleague is acceptable then I am sorry that he might be retiring and we will never get a chance to run him out of office. He should be embarrassed over what his employee said.  But, I bet he  is not. This just points to the ever increasing need to take scalps and jump fools like these when we have the opportunity. Right now that is one of our biggest missions as Grassroots. As always the Water Cooler is an open thread.