The significance of defunding Obamacare for Republicans

Defunding Obamacare is about more than just stopping a “trainwreck. Permit me to bend your ear with the following points about defunding Obamacare.

A. It is about our trust and credibility problem with the Establishement Republicans.

1. They don’t want o fight this thing. They are cowards

2. They hide behind bluster about strategies which rely on people we can’t and should not depend on( low info voters) to rise up and do the fighting for them. Again, all this talk masks a big yellow streak down their back.

B. Our grassroots message to you Republicans in Washington is, “fight this or we will throw you out of office!”


C.  We need a new paradigm for the GOP and it is that of fighters.  Not dealmakers.

1. Damn the torpedos!

2. You do what is right and principled and you do not worry about the consequences.

3. The right people will see that and reward you for it.


D. Let’s accept once and for all that we are going to get blamed no matter what. Personally “bring it on!” I want the blame for a Government shut down. I would much rather have that blame then the blame for the failure of Obamacare. And I want to get blamed for principled action.

1. When O Care fails. Obama will point to Republicans and Tea Party and Corporations and claim that they made him do it.

2. Why if we(the Republicans) had not been so combative with him he could have gone straight to single payer.


F. The reward for fighting this will, besides the satisfaction of doing the right thing will be reinforcements in in both the House and the Senate in ’14. The consequence for in action would be a loss 14 and another in 16.


Remember Harriet Myers. We fought her nomination and got Allito who is nicknamed Scallito. I am positive that only good things will come from standing on principle. I will edit this through out the day.