The Water Cooler~ To Speaker Boehner and Eric Cantor

Thanks guys for proposing a plan in the house to defund Obamacare. I am glad you finally decided to do the right thing. I know you did not come to this decision without a lot of arm twisting. But this was the right move. Please continue these acts of courage and  both of you, me and the RNC just might have something to talk about again.

Before I sign off and say “as always the water cooler is an open thread,” I think both of your tin ears on this issue signal that there are a few drastic changes that need to take place in both Washington and the GOP.

1. I have heard Washington DC and the surrounding area does not have a recession and we need to find out why and see if we can fix it so some of their wealth trickles down to us little people. I have a strong feeling that we are paying for their lavish lifestyles.


2. And I am kind of more of a believer in term limits. It just make sense for you all not to get too comfortable in a town that creates nothing but problems for the rest of us that work at jobs that help provide goods and services the rest of the country needs.

3. Let’s find a way to shut down K street and the lobbyists. I think an exploration of that problem will open up inspirational avenues of  limiting government.

4. And how about tackling that government waste. At least make those wasteful Pols defend their programs for studying the mating habits of salmon.


5. As for you rascals in the GOP, I think primarying some of you is a good thing. Just the threat of that finally sank in didn’t it?


Just some random thoughts that I hope if they are repeated enough times one of you will catch on. I will edit this diary through out the day.