The Water Cooler ~ Pascal Robert

And let me add scum bag. The subtitle is based on his twitter profile. In case anybody does not know, this is the cretin that said Dana Loesch should be raped by a black man. He had even more vulgar tweets for her and every other woman who challenged him. Well, when the shock wears off it is time to get angry and figuratively storm the gates of Huffpo. Come on folks let’s walk the walk here and demand his firing.

I am tired of hearing these people and just shaking our heads. Let’s send a message and let them know they can’t get away with this. Ignoring this scumbag only empowers the left. For those who think  we have more important things to think about and more important battles to fight, I disagree. We have lost the luxury to pick and choose our battles. Everything the left does to us at this point is a fight worth fighting.

Since we like game analogies it’s checkers time, and we need to jump this fool. Again, if we let this kind of stuff go, it only weakens our resolve when it comes to national elections. Who’s with me? Come on folks I don’t want to hear crickets on this one!  As always the Water Cooler  is an open thread.