Part time Jobs

Last night on Greta Van Sustren she had a trio of millenials who were unable to get full time work. One had been to law school. They were all lamenting their bleak prospects.

What interested me is that neither of them was able to source the problem. They blathered on about the economic downturn. Blah blah blah! Not that I expected Greta to do this , but I wish she would have asked who they all voted for. I bet you any amount of money they are all Obama supporters. So what’s the point of this post?

We need to figure out the mental block that these young people have and break it. We can’t just write these young people off anymore. It used to be it was easy for us all to say that these kids were just young and they will grow out of it.  Their tepid answers really showed otherwise.

So, how do we reverse this? Well I am on an inspire kick and I think we need to inspire these students. I don’t have any definite plan, but I think we conservatives need to reach out to the groups like the YAF, Young Republicans and grow their numbers. I am all ears on how to go about this. Please don’t comment if you are a naysayer. Again we need inspiration in this party.