Republicans are in need of inspiration

Republicans like to use the game of Chess as their metaphor when they think of political strategy. And to be honest, that metaphor has failed us. It isn’t successful because in the spirit of Chess we are always manuervering and it has caused us to cave on many things because we never think we are in a position of power to stand up for our principles.

It becomes a vicious circle because when we fail to act, we turn off the base which causes us to lose more power. So, as I said, the Chess analogy does not work.

The other reason and the biggest reason that I do not like the allegory of Chess is because I find the game boring. It is mostly composed of a lot of naval gazing and it takes to damn long to win.

In my title, I said right now we as a political party are severly lacking inspiration. And I think one way to gain inspiration is to change our trope. So, why not choose Risk?

I say Risk because it is a game that encourages boldness.  It also encourages one to act without hesitation. In the game you immediately assess what you need  do to win  and you go for it. Also in  Risk you have to completely wipe out your opponent in order to win. In other words , no half measures. And when you do make alliances with people, you do so based on common interest.

Okay, so this metaphor is not perfect and it will most undoubtedly be criticized. But as I keep repeating, our party needs to be inspired. So, here are two examples of different ways we could look at the issue of Obamcare.

  • Chess: Defunding Obamacare would be political suicide because if we do that the Government will shut down and the Democrats will blame it on us. We need to let Obamacare get implemented and have  it implode on itself and the public will see how bad it is. then we will be in a better position to repeal it. *yawn*
  • Risk: Right now we have an oportunity to defund Obamacare and we should take it. If we do that, we can curtail a train wreck that will devastate this economy. It’s risky but the reward is great. So, let’s just do it and “Damn the torpedos!”

Now I’m just a common guy, but the latter speaks to me, because it is about  action. And action inspires. Calculations and manueverings don’t.


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