An excellent question on "This Week" with David Gregory

I usaully like nothing that David Gregory says. But this morning on This Week, he, during a panel, asked this question, a paraphrase: If  Hillary runs, which do you think her voters are going to want, a third Obama term or another Bill Clinton?  That is an excellent point and when the time is right, I really think our side could exploit this notion.

What I like about this question is that it forces Obama’s supporters and her supporters to come up with an answer about what it is they are looking for in Hillary. If they want her to be like Bill Clinton, then  we can make the case of how she will not be anything like her husband and more in line with Obama. IE Hillary Care( this providing we can defund O Care). If she plans to offer up a second term of Obama, well that should be very easy to assail. Of course this all depends on us having an excellent candidate. Today, I am optimistic we will get one.  I go back and forth on that issue.