Is Priebus's fight with NBC comparable to another flag burning ammendment?

While I am happy to see Chairman Priebus going after NBC and CNN about their HIllary Clinton mini series, he needs to understand that he is going to have to do more to mollify conservatives. And he must understand that we are going to do everything we can to primary squishes for ’14 regardless.

Is this campaign he has against CNN and NBC just another “flag burning ammendment”? What I am referring to is, is that symbolic act of conservatism these guys do to shore up the “cracker vote”. The other trick is a conservative Veep with a squishy presidential front runner. Erick this morning talked about shiny objects. I am hoping that this is not another one of them.

Mr.Priebus I will stand with you in this fight for media fairness. But if you really want my support please don’t let this be the only conservative¬†thing you do. Right now there is a strong push to defund Obamacare. If you are listening at all it might be wise to get behind that one as well. Especially if you are serious about wanting conservatives in the party. Another “flag burning ammendment” won’t do. We are smarter than you think.