Low Info Voter Education Continued

Yesterday, I wrote a diary called the Low Info Voter Part 2. You all should read it. It is some of my best work yet. But based on some comments, I think I need to be clearer about what the intent of the diary was. What I was doing was creating a base  for myself and others, only if they wanted, to work from and build a solid platform of conservative political beliefs. I understand that most of what I said is not original and what I have written is essentially what the Republican Party once had as their core belief.

However, what I layed out theer is how I would go about explaining to a low info voter about the origins of Conservatism. I was mainly interested in focusing on how we view the Individual and how Liberals view the individual. I think those were the strongest points of the diary.

With that said , I do think the points about government could be clarified. In the original diary I said this:


  • The Government’s role should be to protect us all from theft and murder– meaning there should be restrictions placed on it so we can protect ourselves.
  • I understand that view may not stand alone in its purest form and would need to be revised a little. IE that the government might need to levy taxes for basic functions.
  • But it is a great basis to start from because it is the most limited view of the Government I can up with. This is opposed to the more unlimited view of government the Libs have where the Government is  good and should be all powerful and control our lives and maybe if we are lucky we get to have a little freedom every now in then.

Make sense? If not, let me know.


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