The Low Info Voter part 2

Just my take on an excellent diary by mcrow. This  last week I have been doing alot of political soul searching. It has been spurred by discussions with various people about politics. Through my reflection, I have concluded that people learn best when they can see things in simple terms. And they understand what you are getting at when you can express what your core beliefs are in a concrete manner. Well, through out this  journey this is what I conclude the reason is that I am a conservative.

That is because I think people are inately good and I think people because they are good, deserve to be treated as such. While there may be some bad apples in the bunch, they will be dealt with by the good people. That is my simple belief about this world and  our country;  a  good place where good people are doing good things to each other and for each other.

This belief translates into how I view we should be governed,  and I think it is in line with what our Founding Fathers had in mind as well.

  • Because people are inherently good they need to be rewarded for their goodness.
  • that reward comes in the form of freedom– all of those rights afforded to us in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • The Government’s only role should be to protect us from theft and murder. In order to do that, it must be restricted, so that we are free to obtain the means to protect ourselves.

Is this view perfect?  No, and I believe others could articulate it better. But it is the best way I know how to make the principles that the Founding Fathers put forth my own.

Now with that said, here is what Liberals believe:

  • People are evil and at the very least, idiots.
  • They need to be kept line and  herded like sheep to do what is “right”.
  • As a result, they come up with all sorts of compulsory ways to keep people in line, mainly in the form of rules and regulations.

Liberals harbor these beliefs because they feel this way about themselves. They feel in their hearts that they would lie, cheat and steal to get ahead and because they are capeable of doing that, you are too. No one in the Liberal world is to be trusted. And for every good deed someone does, there is a bad deed they do to cancel that one out.

The end result is that Liberals have the inability to discern between good an evil and this makes their personal lives full of anguish, resentment and guilt. Here are some concrete examples of Liberal attitudes.

  • If they had a gun Liberals would most definately blow the brains out of someone who they hated. Because they feel this way, others must too. The result of this attitude creates a belief that guns should be illegal because society can’t be trusted to do what is right with them.
  • Liberals feel if they had money, they probably didn’t earn it honestly. And most likely they would blow it all. Also, that in order for them to have this fortune, someone had to lose their’s. Life is a zero sum game: One man’s loss is another man’s gain. The result of this belief is that they think people with money should give  it back to those who deserve it: the poor. This translates into confisgatory taxes on those who produce. But the twist is, that despite Liberal’s guilt, they always exempt themselves from truly paying their fare share.

Liberals promulgate these attitudes in pop culture and end up reducing us all to the lowest common denominator. The result of this that they end up hating people more and thinking people are stupider than before for partipating in a culture that they created. So they pass more laws and more restrictions to modify behavior that they originally influenced. They of course will exempt themselves again from these restrictions and lie, cheat and steal to get around them. This breeds a greater sentiment that the world is a corrupt place and that people are wretched and will do everything  they can to get ahead at all costs. It just goes round and round.

So, who would you rather be?. The one who trusts and loves people and governs their own lives as well as others from that firm basis of thought? Or do you chosoe to be the one who has contempt for their fellow man and is unable to determine who is friend and who is foe.  On what end of the spectrum do you think our leaders fall on?

With this said, I like to think of the Low Info Voter as more of the Low Self Esteem Voter. They hate themselves and look for someone in the form of political candidate to validate those negative feelings. Who might those candidates be, past present and future? I will let you draw your own conclusions.



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