RNC Chairman To CNN and NBC: Drop Hillary Clinton series or we will drop you from primary debates

The RNC is wrong most of the time, but when they are right they are right. Good job Reince for speaking out against his ridulous series that is bald-faced propaganda for Hillary. According to a town hall article, he has siad that if those networks do not drop the series they(RNC) will block those networks from partipation in the primary debates. Again good job Reince! Only, I would suggest you do the follwing:


  • Block those networks anyway.
  • Make sure none of their commentators moderate the debates: no David Gregory, no george stephanopolus, Bob Shieffer etc.
  • think Brit Hume, Brett Baer, etc.

You do this and it might be an olive branch to the conservatives. Again, I like to give credit where it is due. Reince this is a start. I hope you build on this. But I will not hold my breath.

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