Chris Christie for president

As time goes on, it becomes more apparent that Chris Christie will make a bid for the presidential nominee. Again, he’s the favorite of the Democrats and again, they are telling us that we are nuts if we don’t pick him as our canidate. Dr. Suess couldn’t have written a better scenario.


I think we know enough about Christie to make an informed decision about him in November 2016. The most important point to remember about Christie is that he has a hard time determining who is friend and who is foe. You see his Democratic opponent is going to be Hillary Clinton who has quite a few things to answer for, namely Benghazi. But who is he going after and saying they are weak on defense,  but Rand Paul.

I understand he has some differences with the senator from Kentuckyon National Security, but you’d think he’d have even greater differences with Mrs. Clinton. You know, things like her demonstrated and admitted inablity to protect American citizens overseas, as well as having no remorse for their deaths.

To quote John Belushi BUT NO!! He snubs again, another Republican. Just like he did Romney. And let me say he did that twice.

First at the convention with his self serving speech. Then, on the Jersey shore just weeks before the election when he gave Obama that wonderful bear hug.

I guess I would suggest to Mr. Christie he might want to articulate first the contrasts between he and his Democratic challenger right now instead of later and before taking on his own side. Apparently he already has the adoration of Democrats, but not so much us(conservatives)


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