Obama to form a "Nudge" Team to encourage good behavior.

This according to an article in Newsmax. Obama wants to assemble  a”Nudge” Team. It is formally called a Behavioral Insights Team to “explore ways to encourage Americans to change their behaviors.” Behaviors regarding such areas as energy efficiency, healthy eating habits, oh yes and to sign up as organ donors.

Am I over reacting here? I have to hand it to O… in the shadow of a myriad of scandals, he has some big brass ones to pull something like this. Come on Low info voters, do you really want this? To me it validates a book like Agenda 21 quite nicely.

Along with that, come my monetary concerns. Do I as an American and everyone else have the money for this? Help me Rand Paul, you’re my only hope.

I don’t expect Speaker Boehner, Mitch McConnell, McCain or Graham to bat an eye over this. But Lee, Cruz, and Paul, get on this– and I will do the same.

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