Pre Existing Conditions

I was going to write a diary rehashing what Utah Senator Mike Lee had to say about Obamacare on Fox News Sunday. I am glad I didn’t. It is always best to have your own revelation. Now some of you may already know this and it is not unusual for me to be late to parties. But here is what this “grass hoppa” has figured out.


Pre Existing Conditions! What’s up with that? What Obama and the Democrats want you to think:

Obamacare is great because with in it it has a clause that allows people with pre existing conditions to get insurance. Before, people who already had a disease like cancer would be denied health insurance from most if not all insurance companies. And this is wrong!! How can a country as rich as ours deny sick people insurance!

The truth and the journey we will all go on if this is implemented: Health insurance companies will figuratively be forced at gunpoint to insure all of those with pre existing conditions. Health Insurance providers will then payout and keep paying out. They will eventually go out of business. Then none of us will have insurance. Who swoops into save the day, but the government. Yay! Well the government will be just as reluctant to insure those with pre existing conditions as well. Thus here come the death panels to decide who is worth insuring and ultimately who should get treated(those with preexiting conditions will be denied for sure.) As will old people. I imagine by then even if one had money the doctors would not be allowed to treat you. That is if there’ll be any surgeons or specialists left. Obamacare, what a misnomer!


All his supporters can do is defend Obamacare’s intentions. They cannot defend the law. They even admit it is far from perfect and needs to be fixed. What it needs to be is condemned like a house with mold and then destroyed.



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