Karl Rove

I hate to write diaries like these. I would love to save my vinegar and vitriol for the Democrats and libs. But I continue to be appalled at the lengths Rove and the Establishement RNC will go to alienate us. I am referring to Erick’s post about the Crossroads poll about Obamacare. It is quite clear this was not an objective measure and definately not a sincere effort on his part to glean information. My gut, and this is just my gut talking is that he went fishing for the results he wanted– but why? Why would these people want to squander an opportunity to crush one of the most oppressive initiatives in our history? Would he want Obamacare  for himself or the canidates he keeps shoving down our throats?

I swear these people have gone to the well of squishiness too many times and it is too late to stop the snowball that is coming right down on their heads and our’s as well. You just can’t keep selling out and expecting people to support you.

It is like nails on a chalk board to hear libs paint Karl Rove and his associates as rightwing extremists. I am inclined to think they know otherwise but are just characterizing these guys as such to rub salt in all of our wounds.

I am sorry to rant but I think there is a big game going on and I have the feeling that we are being used as pawns. I just don’t know how and I don’t like it.  I would love to hear from a fan of Karl Rove defending this clown as well as the establishment Republicans.  I want to hear about the brilliant strategy we out here in fly-over country are too stupid to understand.

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