My conversation with a Democrat/ Liberal friend[edited]

While I was away, I had the pleasure of discussing politics with a friend who is a Democrat/Liberal, which means he is a strident Obama supporter.

Now just to give you some background, he is a very successful businessman and has made his money the traditional way which is in industry over some of the softer ways that alot of Libs make their money, as in media, entertainment, investment banking, or, the “law”.  Again he works in industry and has done quite well for himself. I say this because with that in mind it boggles my noggin as to why he takes the political positions he does. Well, here are a few:

1. We need illegal aliens to do work in our companies because according to all of his buddies out in manufacturing, there is not a single American who wants to work or is sober enough to do the work. So, what’s a poor business owner to do but hire some cheap labor and exploit them. Do you believe that? Me neither.

2. Karl Rove is a right wing madman who says the Republicans lost the election because we were not conservative enough. I would truly love to believe that Mr. Rove feels this way but I just can’t wrap my brain around him being a true conservative in the spirit of the Tea Party. All of us know better.

3. Obama really wants the Keystone Pipeline to be built, it’s that goddamn right wing media that is telling lies about him again. As soon as they complete an environmental impact study they will get right on it. Wonder who is conducting that study. EPA!!!  We all know that they have such a big desire to expedite the process of building it.

4. Us Republicans are idiots for shunning Chris Christie and Michael Bloomberg.  In fact we have pissed Christie off so much that he is going to jump the Republican ship and join a Bloomberg presidential ticket and they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in 2016. I just love campaign strategy advice from Dems. A Bloomberg Christie ticket? Hillary is quaking in her boots and wakes up at night in a cold sweat.

4. Obama Care may not be perfect but we had to do something! So, we chose a model that has failed Canada and all other European countries. What a solution! With soloutions like those who needs problems.

5. The only reason why Canadians come down here for surgery is because Canada has a small population and not enough doctors because they are defecting to the United States because of the obscene money they can make down here.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on that one! Actually, the reason is that no one wants to be in a profession up there where the pay isn’t worth the work that they perform. For some reason socialists think that  conducting surgery is on par with teaching kindergarten or delivering the mail.

6. “I am not saying I agree with everything Obama has done.” Phew! That makes me feel so much better knowing that you don’t agree with everything the first Marxist president of whom you vehemently supported twice  has done…  And while you claim you don’t agree with everything you seem to be sympatico on the major stuff, like trashing our healthcare system and toppling our economy. 

7.One last thing, that bitch Michelle Bachman was responsible for cash for clunkers.

I am posting this not to say we need to change his mind. I think he is lost, especially being in the position in life that he is in.  What I am saying is that this is what  a liberal thinks, and really there is no need to listen to another word they say.

What we need to do is defeat these people and their ridiculousness and we need to keep them away from anything that has to do with the governing of our country. Wouldn’t you agree?




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