Peter King for President.

So, I guess Rep Peter King from New York is testing the waters just like his Southern counterpart Jeb Bush. According to a Newsmax article he is running to save the troubled GOP. Again, yawn, another one who thinks that the path to victory is to win the hearts and minds of the moderates so he takes shots at Cruz, Paul, Lee and the rest of the conservatives. I hate to keep ripping on these guys but, ARE. YOU. SERIOUS.

The RNC sent me another letter asking me for money, not that you’ll get a dime from me at this point, but really, if you ever want to be relevant agin, don’t consider this clown. The otherside is going to put up their best hitters and we are going to run with another tired old moderate? Please say it aint so!

I hate to keep sounding like a broken record but just stop this. What more can I say here. Apologies for the shortness of this diary.

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