Getting out of Realville

Rush Limbaugh always likes to say he is the mayor of Realville. But I think that is part of our problem. We don’t dream big. And then, we are stuck with stale canidates who if they win, turn into feckless politicians.

The Libs on the other hand are full of crazy ideas and have no problem implementing them . Here are two examples:

1. Running a little known senator from Illinois who had little or no voting record in the senate.  He consorted with known domestic terrorists when he was younger and as canidate ran on a platform that consisted of one phrase:Yes we can! He won by a landslide and pretty much had our canidate believing that his opponent was the worthier one. They did this twice.

2.  Influencing the highest court in the land by having everybody who supports gay marriage post a symbol of solidarity on their Facebook page. The result, millions of people did this and the clowns on the bench saw it and bent over backwards to subvert the Constitution to please those proponents of gay marriage.

Liberals are famous for doing things to get people to stand up and take notice. While they are doing that where are we? Answer: in Realville and this is why we will never see the following happen.

1. Ted Cruz for president in 2016! Get real, it’ll never be. We need to run someone who can get the Hispanics and moderates on board– someone electable.

2. Rand Paul for President in 2016, a good way to reach the young! Get real, that kook? And go away you Libetarian kid.

3. Solve the immigration problem by enforcing the laws we already have on the books. Get real! How will we ever do that? Besides we need the Hispanic vote.


4. Or, this, let’s turn California into a Redstate since it has alot of electoral votes. Get real. It’s way too liberal. Why do you think they call it the left coast?

Two weeks ago I had to the pleasure of visiting California, namely the San Francisco Bay area. What a beautiful state– and dare I say it? What a beautiful city. Sad to see it and the state are being urinated on daily by many of its inhabitants and those in charge. Would it not be a worthy goal for all of us to rescue this piece of Americana called California? But, again we are living in Realville, right?

So, all we can do is try and protect what we already have. And while we are doing that, oops there goes Colorado, and lookout Texas! Why, because the liberals don’t live in Realville. They see everything about this country, the culture, the land, its wealth as theirs for the taking. And they will do anything to get it even if it means sacrificing a little comfort for awhile– and they are never afraid to fail!

But, us Republicans, nah, we live in Realville, because we all have jobs and no time to take to the streets. So, instead of doing something crazy and say moving to places like California and San Francisco and spreading conservatism, we stay in our little enclaves and say “A Republican president who is actually conservative, wouldn’t that be nice? but alas, we live in Realville.”

In Realville it seems people have alot to lose but very little to gain if they do anything like taking a risk. Again, the Libs never let anything like reality stop them from advancing their agenda and as a result, they have defined everyone’s reality.








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